Chief Bast
Moradmin Bast was the personal aid to Grand Moff Tarkin aboard the Death Star.

During the Battle Of Yavin, Bast analyzed the Rebel Alliance's attack and determined there was a threat. He offered to evacuate Tarkin and his staff, but was turned down.

"I think you overestimate their chances!" Tarkin replied. After seeing the saddened look on his assistant's face, Tarkin added, "Look, we've got our eight best pilots out there fighting those chumps. In a moment they'll all be dead, we'll blow up the planet, and then we'll have a sexy party."

"Very good, sir," Bast responded and then gave Tarkin a slight piece of loving grabass. He was repaid with a smack to the face.

Bast died with Tarkin and hundreds of thousands of others when Luke Skywalker blew them up.

"You'll do well to remove your hand from there, Moradmin!"

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