One time, they won a playoff game!

The Cerea Aryx were a JFL team that played on Cerea.


Cerea was not much of a football planet. The peaceful Cereans preferred less aggressive gayer sports like the one with the bats. Still, the JFL saw Cerea as a good enough market to put a team there. Initially Cereans reacted to the team with disgust, but eventually younger more rebellious residents and some off-worlders began following the team. With little money coming in, the Aryx were unable to compete with he big market teams on Coruscant and Duros, so they frequently had less talent on the field and cut corners elsewhere- like hiring incompetent coaches, signing criminals, and making the players practice in their own homes. Despite their financial problems, and the fact that nobody on the planet really cared, the team did have a few good years.

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