Sergeant doallyn

You can tell the difference because he has a white suit.

Cedric Doallyn was a Skiff guard known for wearing a white suit.

Big Brother

Cedric was the older brother of famed Holonet actor Sergeant Doallyn. Despite the fact that they always wore identical face-concealing helmets, Sergeant was always considered the handsome one. In order to escape his brother's shadow, Cedric moved to Tatooine where he became a close friend of Ron Burgundy. In truth, Burgundy only hung out with Cedric because he thought he was his brother. He also insisted on referring to Cedric as Brock Starsher. Nobody really knows why. Unfortunately, Burgundy's high-class lifestyle was too much for Cedric, and he became addicted to antihistamines. At the urging of Burgundy, Cedric checked himself into Jabba the Hutt's drug program.

Those Skiffs Aren't Going to Guard Themselves

Snitkin skiff
Under the care of Murttoc Yine, Cedric was able to identify his sibling rivalry as the root of his drug problems. He was beat his addiction, but he decided he wasn't ready to leave the supportive atmosphere of Jabba's Palace. Jabba gave him a job as a skiff guard, but urged him to reconcile with his brother. Cedric reached out to Sergeant and invited him to the palace. The brothers made good progress during a group therapy session, but were unable to continue due to the arrival of some Rebels who seemed intent on causing trouble. Cedric was called into action and assigned to the escort skiff at the Skirmish At Carkoon. He was killed in a violent fury by a Jedi psychopath. He was survived by his brother, but only for a few minutes.

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