Carol with her husband Miles O'Keeffe

Carol Sweatervest was a native to Tatooine, living in Mos Eisley most of her life. She met and fell in love with Seek Diloley, a Moisture Farmer on the plains. After a couple years, he was taken away by Tusken Raiders, and Carol did her best to run the farm without him.

In time, Miles O'Keeffe sought her out. The two had met years earlier by mutual friend Anous Campusmenza. Miles had won Mr. Tatooine that year, thanks to Anous and Carol.

Miles and Carol fell in love quickly, and had a daughter, Moriah O'Keeffe. Unfortunately, she and the child were both killed by Sandtroopers looking for the Lars Moisture Farm, inspiring Miles to go on a killing spree with every Imperial he could find.

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