This place was nice. But definitely poisonous to non-humans.

Cardooine was an Outer Rim world that was home to the Rebel Alliance base where theA-Wing starfighter was created.


As far as Outer Rim planets go, Cardooine was pretty nice. It had nice terrain and not too many horrible monsters. Humans from Chandrila colonized the planet, but other species tended to avoid it because they ran a publicity comapaign claiming that it was the home of a terrible disease that affected all sentient beings except Humans. This claim was never independently verified, but the reputation stuck. The Rebel Alliance had a research base there, which was run by Walex Blissex, until he was deemed too important for such work, and moved to Admiral Ackbar's staff. It was there that the A-Wing was developed and produced.

Notable Residents

Walex Blissex was stationed there for awhile, and Arvel Crynyd spent some time there as a test pilot.

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