Captain Achilles McCunterson was an officer in the Imperial Navy who basically failed upwards. He sided with the powerful, slurped their heinies, and ensured he never came into direct conflict with anyone. This all paid off when he was given control of the Star Destroyer Pedanticator after its former Commander was killed by a Wookie.

His biggest claim to fame was annoying the boots off of Darth Vader when the Sith Lord had to deadhead on the Pedanticator from Byss back to Coruscant, and actually not getting choked to death. "Well, what do you think, Lord Vader?" was heard so much that Vader was sure to kill the Captain. Instead Vader just pinched the ridge of the area on his mask between the eyes and groaned.

The guys in the pilot pit area had almost 200,000 credits on the line over whether or not McCunterson would die on that trip. He did however die on another trip, shorly before the Battle Of Yavin. Achilles was paralyzed as he screamed, watching a planet creep ever closer. The crew stood by, motionless and in shock from his reaction. No one made any bets. All hands were lost.

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