...since when? Lord Vader? You've not sensed it since whe- What the?! He's just walking away?! I cannot STAND when people do that. Hey, we were having a conversation, SIR! And he just, I mean, will you look at that? No, I will NOT settle down! He doesn't even have the courtesy to turn around or give me the finger let alone finish his damned sentence. Oh, man, that just drives me up the wall! Do we have any of those Jawas on board still? I need to go pummell something small.

–Khurgee to Darth Vader, then to TK-826

Originally serving on board the Imperial Star Destroyer Thunderflare, Madge Khurgee was eventually promoted to Head of Security for Docking Bay 327 in the Death Star. He was told by Darth Vader to have the Millenium Falcon searched after they'd pulled the ship in with the tractor beam. Khurgee's team found nothing, and then got blasted for being dumb.

He was performing his duty to the best of his ability when Luke Skywalker blew him and several thousand others up at the Battle Of Yavin.

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