Cam Jedi

Cam Neely waits in the hideously wall-papered Sweetums! green room.

Cam Neely was a Jedi Knight from Boston.  He discovered the existence of Darth Sweetums, and was killed by Darth Ulf.

Jedi Training

Like most Bostonians, Neely loved his home planet above all else.  He was reluctant to travel to Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi, but Yoda convinced his parents to sign the permission slip.  He was trained along with the other younglings by Yoda, who noticed that what he lacked in force ability, he made up in grit.  Eventually he became a Jedi Knight.


Neely was happy to get off of Coruscant, but wished to go home to Boston.  Yoda sensed his attatchent to his home, and refused to send him there, seeing it as potentially dangerous.  Instead, Neely was sent to Santa Monica to settle a series of minor disputes.  While there, he was approached by producers of the afternoon talk show Sweetums!Cam was not familiar with the show, so he agreed to go on what he thought was an episode about how Jedi gained strength through purity.  When he arrived, he was shocked to learn that it was a set up, and the host of the show planned on ambushing him with a group of Half-naked Twi'Lek Chicks that would try to seduce him on air in order to embarass the Jedi.  Neely attempted to leave, but was confronted by Darth Ulf.

When Neely presented his findings to the Jedi Council, his concerns were dismissed as crazy.  Yoda, who was still holding a grudge against Sweetums for revealing his home planet on a previous episode, took the claims seriously, but was overruled.  Frustrated, Neely left the order and returned to Boston.  There he built up an army by promising victory, booze, and whores.  Unfortunately, before Neely and his army could strike, Darth Ulf crippled him with what was generally regarded as a cheap shot.  The people of Boston, realizing that, without their captain, they had little chance of success, gave up and turned their attention to their JFL team, which was finally winning championships after years of sucking.

Undeterred, Neely tried to confront Sweetums himself, but was easily killed by Darth Ulf, since he could barely walk.

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