Caldor was a Mid Rim planet in the Retail Sector.

History Edit


Symbol of the Caldorian Empire.

Caldorians produced low-cost clothing and other general merchandise that was sold throughout the Galaxy. Generally, Caldorian items were seen as poorly-made and tacky, but they remained popular among the lower and middles classes of many planets. During the early days of the Old Republic, the Retail Sector was the home of many wars between several powerful of its powerful planets. Caldors was the first of these planets to establish a sector-wide empire. Despite objections from the Galactic Senate, this empire lasted for almost 400 years. The Empire eventually broke up with the emergence of the planets Zayre and Hills. Each of the three planets fought for influence over the rest of the sector. These wars severely weakened the individual planets. Shortly after the Ruusan Reformations, the Jedi Council brokered a peace agreement that allowed the sector to flourish economically. The Sector remained in relative piece until all three planets were taken over by Ames around 200 BBY. Ames remained in control of Caldor until shortly after the invasion of Naboo, when the entire sector fell under the control of the Trade Federation.

Notable ResidentsEdit

The Sith Lord Darth Elmer was a Caldorian.

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