Buster was the assistant holo projector technician for Home One. He took his orders from s'Too Vees, and was really resentful about it since the punk was five years younger than him. He was constantly flirting with Quealy Camilto, to no avail. He bought her a cell phone, took her to Disneyland, and even made three of her car payments for her. Still, he got no love. Instead, she gave it up to Hollweg Odius, and he treated her like a doormat. Typical.

When Hollweg had finally had enough of her, Quealy finally saw Buster for the sweet, loving, loyal man he was. They had dinner together, and she had a bit too much to drink. They went back to her quarters, and one thing led to another. The chemistry just wasn't there, and things got kinda weird. Buster had to put in for a transfer after that.

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