Lord Kaan: Founder of the Brotherhood of Darkness.

The Brotherhood of Darkness was an organization of Sith Lords founded by Lord Kaan.  They were destroyed by the Thought Bomb on Ruusan.


While large and powerful, the various Sith Empires that had been cropping up for the last 4,000 years or so had never been able to conquer the Republic.  A recurring theme was getting really close, then having a handful of the most powerful Sith Lords turn on each other and fight over who was the most awesome- at which point some ragtag band of Jedi and assorted low-lifes would kill them all.  Lord Kaan recognized this issue and attempted to resolve the situation by promoting a sense of equality and cooperation among the Sith.  While each Sith Lord secretly (or openly) craved ultimate power, they saw the logic of Kaan's methods, and put aside their differences for the greater good.  Kaan chose the name, Brotherhood of Darkness because, even by that time, most of the good names for groups of Sith Lords had already been taken.  His only other option was SithSquad! but he thought that sounded kind of gay.  Kaan led his Brotherhood into battle against Lord Hoth's Jedi on Ruusan.


Over the course of its existence, the Brotherhood included thousands of Sith Lords of varying power.  Some of the more notable members are listed here:


Darth Bane found many flaws in this model which eventually led him to create his Rule of Two.  In order to eliminate the members of the Brotherhood, Bane tricked them into detonating a Thought Bomb.

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