Bren quersey

Bren Quersey wonders "Oh crap, did I remember to set my DVR for Dancing with the Stars?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I grazed it.  Right on the bottom corner of the wing.  I can see the little burn mark."
-Bren Quersey's last words.

Bren flew as Red Eight in the Battle Of Yavin, and actually scored a grazing hit on one of the TIE Fighters.  This was impressive, because there really weren't that many TIEs flying around that day.  Apparently, they were somewhere more important than the location of the battle that eventually became the reason to reboot the calendar to the year 0.  The Rebels brought a few X-wings and a couple of Y-Wings, and the Imperials sent out a few standard TIEs, nothing special really.  It only got interesting once Vader showed up in his super advanced TIE, but he was trumped by a cargo ship.

Anyway, Bren flew pretty bravely, and was awarded the Medal of Flying Pretty Bravely.  Unfortunately, he was killed kind of early in the battle, but not before slightly damaging that one TIE Fighter.

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