Bren Derlin was really good at Trivial Pursuit. But don't that fool you into thinking he was smart.

Bren Derlin was a Rebel officer from the planet Boston.  He served during the Battle of Hoth.

Joining the Alliance

Derlin lived with his mother in one of the less wealthy areas of Boston.  He worked for the planetary government delivering messages.  Like most Bostonians, he spent much of his free time in a local bar.  After watching former senator Carlist Rieekan decry the violent tactics of the emerging Empire on television, Derlin became impassioned about the plight of the Galaxy.  Seeing an opportunity to play a practical joke and get rid of a nuissance, one of the barmaids there tricked Derlin into thinking that all of his friends were planning of joining the Rebellion.  In order to avoid looking like a coward, Derline immediately boardeda  transport to Corellia and enlisted in the Rebel army.  It took several weeks for him to realize that he had been duped, but, by then, it was too late.

Battle of Hoth

After assisting in the evacuations following the Battle of Yavin, Derlin was assigned to a unit of mostly Bostonian soldiers under the direct command of General Rieekan.  Though he had no formal military training, his years working in Boston's civil service provided him with many organizational skills that helped him rise to the rank of major.  When Rieekan took over the Rebel base on Hoth, Derlin was named chief of security for the base.  His primary duty was making sure the doors were closed.

When the Empire invaded the planet, Derlin commanded the last line of trenches around the base.  When he saw that the Imperial advancement could not be stopped, he issued a retreat order, and pulled back all remaining troops to defend the last few transports until they could be evacuated.


Derlin was able to leave Hoth on the last outbound transport.  During the Battle of Endor, he led a group of ground forces on the Forest moon of Endor.  He remained active in the military of the New Republic.

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