Though she looked as fertile as the plains of Vendaxa, Breha was unable to have children. Despite being incredibly beautiful, and HAUT, Breha was unable to sell action figures very well. But still, she was HAUT! It makes me HAAAAAUWWWWNY!


Breha was queen of Alderaan, and real easy on the eyes too. She was immensely popular, and far more outgoing than her husband, Bail. She would go on shopping trips and have several dozen new friends by the end of it. Bail let it go, since she was queen and it was impossible to max out their credit cards.

Bail was away on Coruscant for extended periods of time as he served as senator of Alderaan. One day, as the Clone Wars ended, Bail showed up at the palace with a baby. Her name was Leia, and they were going to raise her. Breha was kinda mad, but also really glad. And maybe even a little sad. But she was ALL hot!
 Her sister is even hotter though.

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