The Traitors' logo changed several times over the years in order to reflect the political stance of the team.

The Boston Traitors were a JFL team based on Boston.


The team was originally a member of the Coruscant Confederation of Rugby, which was absorbed into the JFL in 1613.  Initially, the franchise shut down, but reemerged as a football team in 1984.  Although the team has always been based on Boston, it initially went by the Inner Rim Loyalists.  The team hoped to gain a larger fan base this way, but, since the Inner Rim had several other teams, the league forced them to become the Boston Loyalists.  The team was among the worst in the league for many centuries.  Eventually, the team got really good really quickly and won several championships, being viewed by one of the greatest dynasties in the league's history.  It was later reveaed, however, that their coach was a Sith Lord.  Since the use of Sith Lords on the coaching staff was specifically forbidden, the team was punished by being forced to change its name to the Boston Cheaters for one season.  Most of the league saw this as a pretty light sentence, but the JFL Commissioner defended it.  The team was able to regroup and even completed a rare undefeated regular season in 25031, however, they lost the championship game that year to the New York Goliaths.  After the beginning of the Empire, the team once again changed its name to the Boston Traitors, since loyalists were no longer in fashion.

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