An artist's rendition of Boston.

Boston was a planet located in the Inner Rim.  It is the most populous and powerful planet in the New England Sector.


Boston was originally colonized by Corellia, but fought for its independence. Despite this war, Boston and Corellia remained close allies. Bostonians are characterized by their extreme douchebaggery and inability to pronounce words that end in the letter R.  They are also fiercely loyal to their planet and will loudly defend it in any argument about the best planet in the Galaxy.  The same loyalty is shown to all of the planets sports franchises unless they lose. Boston is home to the Boston Traitors of the JFL. Boston has a rich history and has become a popular tourist destination.  Most Bostonians hate the tourists- especially those from nearby New York. It has also been the home to several top-tier universities, though they all merged into Boston Institute of Technology at the College of Harvard after the Ruusan Reformations. During the Clone Wars, Boston remained loyal to the Republic. Boston openly sided against the Empire, but was pretty much left alone, since the the Emperor realized he could just distract the entire planet with sports and reality TV.

Notable Residents

Boston was the home to many military figures and other reasonably cool people.

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