Bom Vimdim btm

Bom was a smuggler and all around jerk during the Galactic Civil War. He was present in the Cantina when Han Solo shot Greedo. When the Cantina became a little too popular for his taste, Bom started frequenting the less mainstream Star Wars Bar, owned and bartended by Richard Pryor. He was close to being kicked out for dancing, which was strictly not allowed at Pryor's establishment. It turns out Bom was horribly intoxicated, and very open to suggestion. Doug Diloway had talked him into having an adult meeting, and Bom had gone with it right then and there. Richard suggested they get a room upstairs, which is exactly what Doug wanted.

The next morning, Bom could barely remember what had happened. He never returned to Mos Eisley after that, since rumor quickly spread about what he'd done.

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