Bogden. Not pictured: the 20 moons.

Bogden was a planet in the Inner Rim, and had over 20 moons.


The planet itself was pretty unremarkable. The gravitational pull of the many moons created some problems on the surface, but it was livable. At some point there was a significant war there, that further messed up the planet, and it got to the point where only low-lives and thugs lived there. It was most notable for its moons. One of these moons, Kohlma, was a cemetery world where the Bando Gora cult had it's citadel. Komari Vosa, leader of the cult, was killed by Jango Fett on Kohlma right before making the deal with Darth Tyrannus that would create the Clonetroopers.

Notable Residents

There were bears there.

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