Bludd was a Klatooinian from Tatooine who was an incredible gambling addict circa ORC 25,021 in Mos Espa. In time, Jabba The Hutt was able to get him turned around. Bludd even took classes and became a certified therapist. He went to work at Jabba's Palace as the Gambling Therapist (beating out Thul Fain for the position), but quickly fell under Bib Fortuna's radar.

Fortuna was able to push Stoolz into falling off the Gambling wagon. As Bib now had Bludd's gambling habits over his head, the Klatooinian was forced to join Fortuna's Man-Harem.

After working for Jabba for several months, it finally was revealed to the Hutt that Bludd was actually gambling again. Though he normally loved to help those with addictions, Jabba couldn't permit Bludd to work at the Palace any longer. A therapist who was such a hypocrite wouldn't be successful in helping others overcome their hurdles at all. Stoolz was booted out of the Palace altogether. He was quickly replaced with Thul Fain within a few days.

Bludd wandered to the Jundland Wastes, and came upon an old structure that was rumored to have belonged to an old Jedi. There were two ships parked nearby, so he was curious what was happening. As he leaned close to a window, he overheard two men discussing a plan to infiltrate Jabba's Palace in order to free a prisoner and kill the Hutt. He could tell from the dialogue that one of them was already posing as a guard!

Bludd immediately ran towards the Palace but was stopped short by an invisible Force. He looked over his shoulder to see one of the men running towards him with a green lasersword. It was the last thing he ever saw.

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