Blimp Zeppelin

Blimp Zeppelin on Naboo, just prior to being awarded the ZIMA contract that would change history.

Blimp Zeppelin was the first graduate of the Zaloriis Imperial Military Academy (ZIMA). He was a brilliant fashion designer, and went back to his roots to design ZIMA's first official uniform. After being awarded the contract, the Republic Senate investigated allegations of shenanigans. The furor over these allegations led to The Embroidery Rebellion of 1816. After Supreme Chancellor Flick was given a vote of no confidence, the charismatic Zeppelin attempted to rally his army of fashionistas to take over the Republic. They were nearly successful. Zeppelin seized control of the Senate, and rallied the government behind his quest to change all the military equipment in the galaxy into to knitted versions. Although silly, Zeppelin's swagger had everyone sold. But he crossed the line when he declared it to be the year 0 of the First Galactic Embroidery Era. This was too much, and riots broke out on Coruscant. Zeppelin was killed. His warm sweater was taken off of his corpse, and given to Supreme Chancellor Flick, who was immediately reinstated. The Republic had weathered the storm.

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