No. Jeeff Jimmirsin doesn't live here. You're thinking of Bestine City. Yes. I'm sure.

Bestine IV was a water planet in the Inner Rim, near the Corellian Trade Spine.


Bestine IV was colonized by traders traveling along the Corellian Trade Spine. Many of the early colonies failed. One such colony eventually ended up on Tatooine and founded Bestine City. This eventually just caused a lot of confusion. By the time of the Clone Wars, Bestine IV had a series of stable colonies, and sided with the CIS, in order to try and gain independence. The Empire punished this action by using the planet as a shipyard and kicking everyone out.

The Bestine Snugglebutts did not play there. The Bestine Bugle was not published there. The Bespin Thrantas didn't play there either.

Notable ResidentsEdit

Bestine's Human population was eventually scattered around the Galaxy. Jek Porkins was from Bestine, as was Menard Hourly. Darth Maltreet lived on Bespin shortly after the Tatooine colony left.

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