Thrantas Crest

The Thrantas used a pretentous coat of arms as their official logo.

The Bespin Thrantas were a JFL team that played in Cloud City.


Thrantas Helmet

That's a Thranta. That's what they look like.

The Bespin Thrantas were originally located on Clak'dor VII. They had a fairly loyal following, but never won anything there. Lando Calrissian, somehow managed to win ownership of the team, and immediately moved them to Bespin. This made Lando the most hated man on Clak'dor VII, but everybody else still thought he was great. A few years after moving to Bespin, the team won the JFL championship, further depressing the residents of Clak'dor VII. The team was traditionally known for its tough defense, though they were occasionally criticized for allowing their players to commit murder.

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