"Did you hear that great tactic Skywalker came up with? Yeah, the tow cables to trip the AT-ATs? The same one I came up with three years ago? No, it was MY idea! Jerk! Ah, what do you know?!"
-Chiffonage to his mother.

Chiffonage was a Human who served in the Rebel Alliance. He was under General Rieekan in the Battle Of Hoth.

By that time, Beryl was a Commander and served as a Controller at Echo Base. He single handedly came up with the idea of Attack Pattern Delta, a tactic used with varying success by the Snowspeeders in the Battle. He received far less credit for the use of a Snowspeeder's tow cable to trip the Imperial AT-ATs, the only proven way to take one of the walkers out of action. Instead, Luke Skywalker was given the praise for coming up with such an idea.

Chiffonage escaped from Hoth aboard a Rebel Transport, but the ship was captured later at an Imperial Checkpoint. Left forgotten by the Rebel Alliance in the prison on Kessel, Beryl's only visitor was his mother who kept him updated on the happenings of the Rebellion. It wasn't until seventeen years AFTER the victory at Endor that Mon Mothma secured Chiffonage's release. It paled heavily in comparison to the satisfaction an incredibly inebriated Chiffonage felt when he confronted Luke Skywalker and was able to get him to admit to a drinking buddy that yes, Beryl had indeed mentioned the tow cable concept a few days prior to the Battle Of Hoth.


Beryl was overwhelmingly in love with Toryn Farr. He thought she was just the cutest damn thing he'd ever seen, and was entranced by her sarcastic wit. The two often enjoyed hating on the other officers in the Command Center at Echo Base. Unfortunately, Chiffonage was never able to reveal his feelings to her, and when he was released from his prison he found out she'd been married for well over a decade.

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