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Belk Vitamins was a member of Alvien Squad, which initially searched the crash site of the escape pod searching for the stolen Death Star plans on Tatooine. When Davin Felth discovered it was Droids that had taken the plans, the squad immediately went to Mos Eisley to set up roadblocks in order to question everyone who entered the spaceport.
Belk Vitamins

Damn! Those sure did appear to be the droids Belk was looking for...

Belk and the others were fooled by Obi-Wan Kenobi'sJedi Mind Trick when they attempted to question Luke Skywalker about his droids. Later, he accompanied Chain Spak and the rest of the Squad to Docking Bay 94 following a tip from Garindan. They exchanged fire with a smuggler inside before he ran into the ship and escaped.
Belk Vitamins2

Belk Vitamins drops a contact lens during a firefight in Docking Bay 94.

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