The Battle of Endor was the last battle in Rebels war against the Empire. It involved a land battle and a space battle. And Luke being useless.

The Land Battle


Chewbacca in his stolen AT-ST.

The battle on land was basically a terrorist like operation designed to destroy a shield generator. Han Solo was given the job and Luke Skywalker was supposed to help but he decided to go see his dad instead. Of course Han messed it up and in the end had to get the help of walking teddy bears. How the highly trained technologically advance and armored storm troopers were beaten by stone age teddy bears remains a mystery. However it happened and Han was finally able to blow up the shield generator.

The Space Battle


Lando takin' names inside the Death Star 2.

With the plan being Han taking the shields down and the empire just letting the rebels waltz right in and blow up the Death Star nothing should have been easier. Of course the fact that Han wasn't the best trained for the job or that the Empire had near unlimited resources compared to the rebels never was mentioned. When it turned out that the empire was half way prepared to meet an attack the rebels first instinct was to run. However Lando Calrissan had been drinking Colt 45 all day and somehow convinced himself and everyone else that Han would get the job done and they could stand up to superior firepower. In the end he got to do some fancy flying and destroyed the death star.



Luke screwing up over and over.

Luke abandoned his friends to confront Vader and "turn him to the light side" If he had in fact stayed with his friends they would have had more success at destroying the Shield generator therefore saving lives in space, the Emperor would have still died and Vader would have been alive for him to take the time to convert back to the light side. But that would have gone against Luke's nature


The Ewoks actually won the day, despite losing many numbers. The Rebels had more or less defeated the Empire, and the Galaxy was poised for a whole new slap in the face of democracy. Life was sweet. And then the debris from the Death Star rained down on the Ewok's planet. Bummer.

Rebel Alliance

Endor Strike Team

Death Star 2 Assault

Gold Squadron

Red Squadron

Grey Squadron

Green Squadron

Blue Squadron




Death Star

Space Battle

Ground Battle

See Tempest Force.


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