Battle Droid
Battle Droids were first introduced by the Trade Federation when they blockaded the planet Naboo. The Droids were used to invade and occupy the peaceful fun loving planet, but were easily defeated by a lightsaber or a child.

They were again used in the Battle Of Geonosis, where the Trade Federation had joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. They did not have time to weather proof the droids for the battle, so they appeared red instead of the usual galvanized beige.  The forecast that day looked favorably on the CIS that day as no water rained from the skies, only Gunships. This battle started the Clone Wars, in which the Battle Droid was the standard troop for the Seperatist side.

After the Clone Wars, Battle Droids were no longer permitted.

Super Battle Droids are slightly bigger, slightly more armed, and slightly dummer than standard Battle Droids. They also work frequently with Destroyer Droids, who were nearly omnipotent, which begs the question why did the Seperatists bother making the other two kinds of droids.

Battle Droids were designed and built by the Geonosians.


Battle Droids came in plain, and in full red, but they also had markings designating different departments.

They also came in other variations for specialties.

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