Barquin D'an was a Bith from Clak'dor VII. He grew up looking up to his brother Figrin immensely, but never realized his talent was actually much greater. He truly believed Figrin to be the better musician, though everyone else who heard both brothers knew otherwise.

Barquin loved being a musician, perhaps too much. He was constantly being offered free booze and free Spice, and he never ever said no. Without even really noticing, Barquin had an intense addiction. His performance was never affected, but sometimes he was playing while lying on his back on stage. Sounded great, looked horrible. Ultimately, the Modal Nodes voted against Figrin about keeping Barquin in the band until he got cleaned up. Figrin decided to leave as well, and help his brother kick his habits.

One night, the D'an brothers caught the Max Rebo Band performing in Mos Eisley, and Sy Snootles drunkenly invited both brothers to come back with her to the hotel. Figrin was married at the time, and refused, but he insisted that Barquin go along. It was a move that would ultimately lead to his brother's death.

At the hotel room, Sy had also brought back Slitherhorn Doda Bodonawieedo to throw into the mix. Both players agreed that if they didn't get a gig from this, there'd be hell to pay. The next morning, sure enough, Sy blew them off. Barquin was at the end of his rope, and flashed his knife to Max Rebo. Max, a complete pacifist, immediately drew up a contract for the pair to sign on as permanent horn players.

In time, they all agreed to be the house band at Jabba's Palace, which ended up being the final stroke in Barquin getting over his addictions. Bron Burs helped Barquin in leaps and bounds, and by the time Luke Skywalker showed up his Spice and booze days were long behind him. He also was at the top of his game, performing the socks off the crowd. Of course, he would be dead the next day after Luke went berserk at the Skirmish Of Carkoon.

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