Barada was a Klatooinian who loved to work on old broken down speeders in his spare time. He eventually met and fell in love with a woman named Snickers, in Mos Eisley. She disappeared for almost a year, then showed up again with Gaskell, Barada's son. She left him with Barada, claiming, "I shot someone, you take him. I have to go." And go she did.

Barada did everything he could to care for the child, even if it meant stealing now and then. And in time, of course, a tax collector came to his house since Barada hadn't been able to afford taxes this whole time. Gailid, the tax collector, quickly sympathized with Barada and his plight. He also really hated his job and was easily convinced by Barada to go to Jabba's Job Fair in search of jobs as mechanics.

They of course got the jobs at Jabba's Palace. Then Luke Skywalker came to the Palace, and killed the Rancor. Jabba demanded everyone go watch Luke get tossed into a big mouth in the sand, and off they went. Though they'd rather be working on engines together, Barada and Gailid amused each other by waving and such at each other from the Skiff and Sail Barge, respectively. Then Gailid's face went white. Barada turned around to see Luke Skywalker leaping onto his Skiff, with a Lightsaber! He paniced and tried to knock the Jedi away with a stick, but was knocked overboard and into the Sarlacc's mouth.

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