Banthas are large furry creatues that inhabit the planet of Tatooine. They are comparable in size to large mammals found on earth known as Dykes elephants. They have two huge horns that protrude from the tops of their heads, and large mouths, that contain thousands of large teeth, much like that of a Great White shark.

Banthas were freqently used by Sandpeople as beasts of burden.

Bantha Skulls

The skulls of banthas were highly valued and collected as status symbols by many of the galaxy's elite. After the bantha skull trade was outlawed by Supreme Chancellor Mailbox Face, bantha skulls became a symbol of rejection of authority. Those who gathered under the sign of the bantha skull were frequently targeted for punishment, despite the lack of any specific wrong-doing.

Even though the bantha skull symbol eventaully gained acceptance, many still fear the symbol and see it as a direct challenge to the accepted norms of the galaxy.