Bane was a Bounty Hunter who went by his middle name Doug. He was also a glitterstim addict. Before Doug became addicted to glitterstim, he was a very reputable bounty hunter, cause in Return of the Jedi, there were limited jobs. You could either be a Rebel, Imperial, henchman, or bounty hunter. Doug chose the latter. He was hired by Black Sun to assassinate Jabba The Hutt, and went to the Hutt's Palace with R5-D4 as a present to gain entry. Once inside, he was shocked when Jabba immediately recognized him for his addiction, and offered to let him stay and recover. Malar had no idea, but Jabba's Palace served as a rehab clinic and halfway house as well. He had to rethink this assassination job. At this point, he took a liking to Yarna, and her six boobs.............cause she had six.  

One of the side effects of glitterstim is intense paranoia. Though he hadn't done any in almost a week by the time Luke Skywalker entered the Palace, he had still yet to fully recover from his dependence on the drug. This really came out when famed actor Sergeant Doallyn visited his brother in the Palace, and Bane began spreading rumors to make Doallyn look like a fool. This was mostly due to Bane's drug-addled suspicions that Doallyn's hit show about a bounty hunter named Dane Laram was based on him.

Bane was aboard Jabba's Sail Barge when it went to the Sarlacc pit to kill Skywalker, but was down in the lower deck doing one last hit of glitterstim with Pucumir Thryss. He was killed instantly when the Barge blew up.

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