Bairdon Jace
Bairdon Jace was with his master, Khaat Qiyn, in the Senate building while Mace Windu and Yoda witnessed the vote to allow the Grand Army Of The Republic. He was still a Padawan, having failed his trials three times already. Khaat was incredibly impatient with him at this point, as he'd already started greying and she should be well into her third apprentice already. She constantly called him names like "loser", "limpdick", and once "asshole".

He accompanied Windu to Geonosis with his task force to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi, fighting in the Battle Of Geonosis. His master was killed, and he felt a huge wave of relief. After the battle, the Jedi Council agreed that his performance in the battle earned him the title of Jedi Knight, though secretly they felt he hadn't done anything spectacular. But with the outbreak of the Clone Wars, they needed all the Jedi Knights they could get. He was killed in his next battle.

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