Bail Organa Mug
Bail was a Senator from Alderaan. He ruled along with his wife, Queen Breha.

Early Life

Bail grew up, got older.



"What the hell have I gotten myself into...I mean I can't even stand to turn to my left."

Bail served as a Senator for his home planet of Alderaan. He was opposed to the Grand Army, and fought to keep the Clone Wars from happening. A Gran Senator tried to reason with him, but Bail had no idea what the guy was saying. When the war did happen, however, all he could do was gently bang his fist in frustration. It was a bummer.

Bail's Hot Wife

Though she looked as fertile as the plains of Vendaxa, Bail's wife was unable to have children. Despite being incredibly beautiful, and HAUT, Breha was unable to sell action figures very well. But still, she was HAUT! It makes me HAAAAAUWWWWNY!

Clone Wars

Bail did stuff in the Clone Wars, but I don't know what as that show sucks.

The Empire

Bail rescued Jedi Masters Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi, then brought them back to Coruscant where both killed a ton of Clonetroopers. After all was said and done, both Jedi dropped the ball and Bail volunteered to raise one of Darth Vader's kids. His wife, upset that he didn't at least ask at first, eventually took to Leia and loved her like a daughter.

Bail and his wife Breha with li'l Leia.


Bail blew up when the Death Star performed its first test. And millions of voices had a sad.

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