Bail Antilles

Bail Antilles is pissed to learn that he has been cut from TPM.

Bail Antilles was a member of Alderaan's aristocracy who served in the Galactic Senate. He had two daughters, Breha and Natza.

Appointment to Senate

Bail enjoyed a life of Priveledge on Alderaan. As the nephew of King Ralph, he was a member of his opulent court. Bail had a brief career in the JFL, but retired due to injury. As a former professional athlete and a member of the aristocracy, Bail was quite popular. When senator Mailbox Face began to enact peices of legislation that angered the people of Alderaan, King Ralph looked for a way to remove her from power. He attempted to simply recall Mailbox Face and appoint Bail, but this action required the approval of the Galactic Senate, which was unlikely. Instead, he called for a special election to choose a new senator. The election turned out to be unnecessary. Mailbox Face was elected Chancellor and King Ralph was free to appoint Bail without holding the election.

Senate Career

Despite sharing a home planet, Bail was one of Mailbox Face's chief political opponents in the Senate. He worked closely with Finis Valorum, and voted to block much of Mailbox Face's radical agenda. When Mailbox Face's trem ended, he worked tirelessly to have Valorum elected Chancellor. During Valorum's term, Antilles wielded a good deal of power in the Senate. When Valorum's apathy began to set in, Antilles began to openly question some of his decisions, and was forced to agree to the "no confidence" vote propsed by Queen Amidala of Naboo. Due to his power and popularity, Antilles was nominated to replace Valorum, but was defeated by the Emperor. He retired shortly after this and was replaced by Bail Organa who happened to be married to his hot daughter.


800px-Owen Luke

Uncle Owen points the way to the Hamlet auditions.

Bail was often getting confused when people would call out the name of fellow Senator Bill Antilles, of Corellia. Not only was it annoying since at least twice a day Bail would say, "What- Oh...", but also Bill was a fool and couldn't dress properly. It was absurd!

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