Mother Bacon, who loved all of them (and the cousin) more than anything in the Galaxy.

The Bacon Brothers were a group of Klaatu who came to Tatooine looking for work as thugs. There were only actually four brothers in the gang, but they felt it would be silly to be called "The Bacon Brothers and their cousin Yotts". Jim Toback, a human, eventualy joined their gang, and the group ended up being employed by Jabba The Hutt. All the brothers and Jim met their fate at the Skirmish At Carkoon.

Roy Bacon, skiffguard.


Yotts Orren, really a cousin.


The youngest Bacon, Giran.


Karl Bacon: Eldest brother and biggest screwup.

All of them were raised by their mother, and Yotts was there quite a bit growing up too.

Roy Bacon was working on the escort Skiff during the Battle of the Sarlacc.

Yotts Orren worked on the deck of the Sail Barge with his best friend, Jim Toback.

Giran Bacon, the youngest, served as assistant to Malakili, but was aboard the Sail Barge on its final voyage as well.

Karl Bacon was the eldest and also suffered from a chronic gambling addiction. He worked as Foreman on the Sail Barge.

Bill "Wooof" Bacon was a guard in Jabba's Palace, and served as the pilot of the Sail Barge.
Wooof btm

William "Wooof" Bacon, pilot and now dead guy.

NOTE: The Klaatu Bacon Brothers should not be confused with the human band, The Bacon Brothers. They are not in any way related.