Azhatta: Full of jerks.

Azhatta was a Mid Rim world where Azhats came from. It was often confused with the fellow Mid Rim world of Anzat.


Azhatta was one of the first Mid Rim planets to enter Galactic society. Despite this, they were never accepted into the Republic. Shortly after its discovery, representatives from Azhatta were invited to Coruscant to introduce the planet to the Senate. The presentation that they gave was a complete disaster. Not only did they insult several other planets and species, they trashed their hotel room, and walked out on an extensive room service bill. After that, the Senate passed a resolution that Azhatta would never be admitted to the Republic until they repaid their debts and cleaned up the urine stains they left in the Senate elevator. Over the next 18,000 years, Azhatta refused. When Count Dooku approached Azhatta about joining the CIS, they initally feigned interest, but were actually just distracting him while they could steal parts out of his ship. The Empire, didn't even bother.

Notable Residents

Cornelius Evazan and Dannik Jerriko were both from Azhatta.

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