Attark was a Hoover who was born on Tatooine, and a childhood aquaintance of Jabba The Hutt. At a young age, Attark had anger issues. In an attempt to not only curb these, but also help others to overcome their own, Attark  went to school and came out with a psych degree. His specialty was violent urges, and when he came back to Tatooine it was to a job as the Murder/Violent Urges Therapist at Jabba's Palace/Rehab Center.

Among Attark's successes at the Palace were the Jawa Wittin and Geezum the Snivvian. Unfortunately, Attark was one of the many victims of Luke Skywalker's own murderous rampage during the Skirmish At Carkoon. As soon as Attark saw him cutting down the Skiff guards, he had an intense desire to join him. This was immediately followed by shame, and a need to sit Skywalker down on a couch. It was never meant to be, and Skywalker's killing spree would go on to be celebrated by the Galaxy.

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