Boba Fett Jabbas Palace
Ardon was a former Moisture Farmer who originally went to Jabba's Palace to ask for help in keeping his farm free of Tusken Raiders. While waiting for an audience with Jabba, Bib Fortuna chatted for a bit with him. It came out that not only was his farm truly in the red, but that he may well have a water addiction. Bib Fortuna brought Dave Texas over to analyze the now panicking Crell, and he decided, thanks to Fortuna's bribe, that Ardon was indeed an Aqualic.

Ardon was immediately admitted into the Palace with therapy sessions scheduled with Texas starting the following day. Fortuna also had Crell shaking with panic enough to actually sign on with his Man-Harem.

Crell had only three sessions with Texas (and one with Jess while Fortuna observed) beforeLuke Skywalker blew him up at the Skirmish Of Carkoon.

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