Arby's was a high-quality restaurant.

Arby's last remaining location in Anchorhead


Arby's was founded by Lord Arby on the desert planet of Tatooine. Initially, it served sandwiches made of Bantha meat to Lord Arby's army, which trained on the planet. Lord Arby saw an opoprtunity to expand his business by offering fried potatoes to local Sandpeople. This move proved highly popular, not only with the locals, but with the memebrs of Lord Arby's army as well. Eventually, the business was expanded with three locations serving Mos Espa and an additional location in Anchorhead. Since there were few fastfood options on Tatooine, Arby's was very successful.


Lord Arby bought a small shop in Coruscant's undercity and converted it to the frist non-Tatooine Arby's. While Coruscant's high population provided many potential customers, the wide variety of dining choices forces Lord Arby to innovate. He began offering chicken sandwiches, appetizers, and milkshakes, and placed an emphasis on the quality of the food rather than price. His most successful innovation, however, was the invention of curly fries. While regular fries were still available, why would anyone want regular fires instead of curly fries? Eventually, Arby's gained a foothold in the competitive Coruscant market. This allowed further expansion to places such as Corellia, Boston, and Croatia. Unfortunately Lord Arby died before seeing these expansions.



Admiral Motti is thinking about Arby's.

Over the next several hundred years, various conflicts in the Galaxy forced Arby's to scale back their expansion and some locations were closed. Eventually, Arby's board of directors agreed to join the Techno Union. Their inclusion in the union was confusing, but that membership offered them protection and gave them exclusive rights to open restaruants in certain union-controlled location. As the Techno Union became involved in the Clone Wars, Arby's served as a major supplier of food to the non-droid armies of the CIS.

When the war ended, the Empire forced the Tehcno union to disband, and most of its subsidiaries were either taken over by the Empire or sold off. Arby's was sold to the Motti family, which had a large food service interest. This allowed Arby's to become a major contractor for the Empire, opening locations on many important Imperial worlds, and even a location on the Death Star. Admiral Motti also added the "Gigunda Size" option which included a larger drink and an order of curly fries so large that nobody but him could finish it. After Admiral Motti's death, the Empire no longer had much interest in food service, and they terminated their contract with Arby's.


With the fall of the Empire, Arby's became the subject of protests and attacks from the emerging New Republic Government. They were forced to scale back once again leaving a single location in Anchorhead.

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