Ando was a great place as long as you liked swamps and being stabbed.

Ando was an ocean planet in the Mid Rim. It's where Aqualish came from.


Ando had lots of water, very little usable land, and 3 subspecies that all hated each other. Other than that, it was a nice place. Around 10,000 ORC, during a prolonged civil war, a starship landed on Ando from either Corellia or Duros, depending on who you ask. Rather than fighting each other, the Aqualish killed the off-worlders, stole their ship and used its technology to engineer an entire fleet of ships to explore, conquer, and impose their own calendar on everyone. The Republic quickly scuttled these plans by defeating their fleet in a short but bloody war. After the war, Ando joined the Republic, and promised to keep the violent uprisings to a minimum. Ando was one of the first planets to leave the Republic and join the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Notable Residents

Po Nudo, boyband member and Senator was from Ando. Ponda Baba, Teak Sidbam, and Balpa Humbucker were all originally from Ando, but settled on Tatooine after the Clone Wars.

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