The team's new logo was much less offensive than their original logo: a grinning Sith Lord giving everyone the finger.

The Anchorhead Force Lightning were a JFL team based in Anchorhead on Tatooine.


The Force Lightning were originally based on Santa Monica but had difficulty drawing fans once the 1138ers got successful. The team began to lose money and the JFL Commissioner had to step in and force the team to relocate. The Jawas at the league office felt the need to place more teams on Tatooine, since many of the original teams had folded or moved, so the Force Lightning were moved to Mos Eisley. This angered the Tosche Station Power Converters, Jundland Nerfs, Dune Sea Blacksmiths, and, especially, the Bestine Snugglebutts who all feared that a competing franchise would hurt their own fanbases. The team was able to draw a sizable crowd, though most Mos Eisley residents were not natives, so many had rooting interests in other teams, but they soon had a need for a new stadium. In order to force the team out of town, the other local teams organized a campaign to get Mos Eisley citizens to vote against the plan to fund a new stadium. When the measure was defeated, the league began looking for a new home for the team, but Ron Burgundy, mayor of Anchorhead, stepped in and offered to build a stadium there instead. Even though Anchorhead was a much smaller television market, it was one of the wealthier parts of Tatooine. For awhile the team was forced to go by Mos Eisley Force Lightning at Anchorhead, but that name was ridiculous, so it was simplified after two seasons.


The name "Force Lightning" was frequently denounced by the Jedi. They questioned the appropriateness of naming a team after a Sith power. The team said it was really no different than naming a team after a man-eating beast, and at least it wasn't horribly racist like some teams. The contoversy was made worse by the fact that the team's mascot was a Sith Lord who would run around the sidelines shooting silly string into the crowd. At various points in their history, the mascot had been an actual Sith Lord, but nobody knew that, and, in fact, the team's original owner had been a Sith Lord.

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