The planet Ames was purple

Ames is a planet that led the last empire of the Retail Sector before it fell to the Trade Federation.


During the time of the Caldorian Empire, Ames was not considered a major player in the Retail Sector.  The planet had developed a similar economy to its neighboring planets such as Zayre and Hills, but was still considered to be crude and primitive.  While Ames was techinically under the control of the Caldorians, it was largely ignored.  When the empire fell, with the emergence of Zayre and Hills as equal competitors, Ames regained its independence.  During the centuries of warfare between the three pwoerful planets, Ames remained neutral, often brokering temporary peace deals.  Due to the conflict, and the fact that Ames had remained on cordial terms with all parties, Ames was able to control the Retail Sector's representative to the Galactic Senate.  Through the senate, Ames was able to position itself as a much larger power and petitioned the senate and the Jedi to broker peace in the sector. 

While the sector remained peaceful for the next several hundred years, Ames continued to portray itself as a neutral party that had the best interets of the sector in mind.  In actuality, Ames was using ints influence to enrich itself and improve its own standing throughout the galaxy.  Around the year 24780, Ames began aggressively competing with the rest of the sector.  With their vast wealth, they were able to undercut prices and their extensive network of distribution centers gave them a clear advantage.  Hills was bought out when the entire planet was forced to declare bankruptcy.  Zayre similarly surrendered without a fight, since there position had been severely weakened.  Caldor put up a strong fight, but, by this point, Ames had superior numbers and technology.  By 24850, Ames had complete control of the sector.

Unfortunately, it was discovered by a senate subcommittee that Ames had been using questionable tactics to inflate their financials.  The Trade Federation demanded that Ames be punished.  As the Trade Federation grew in power, they aggressively targeted Ames for new taxes and regulations.  Eventually, in 25022, The sector was completely absorbed by the Trade Federation.

Notable Residents

The people of Ames were generally seen as nameless unskilled laborers. Individualism was considered a weakness.

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