Amanaman forced to stand in the corner after eating one of Jabba's frogs

Like most of his race, Amanaman was known as a headhunter. Most other people and creatures steered clear of him at Jabba's Palace, since his species was rumored to eat just about anything, even if still living.

The truth about this mysterious guest of Jabba The Hutt's was that he, like most of his race, was a member of the Intergalactic Press Corps. He was at the Palace writing an authorized biography on the Hutt. Unfortunately, he'd already gambled his entire advance from the book deal at the Palace, and was now forced to work that debt off by writing the book exactly how Bib Fortuna wanted. No facts, just perpetuating the Crime Boss image. The truth was so much more compelling though, as Jabba was such a generous soul. Hardened Crime Boss, Soft Heart was the title he wanted, but Fortuna's new title was Read This Book Or Jabba Will Kill You. Amanaman tried repeatedly to expose Leslomy Tacema, with no success, as the Duros was actually working on a completely unauthorized biography on Jabba at the same time.

Amanaman, and the authorized biography, died when Luke Skywalker blew up the Sail Barge. Fortunately, so did Tacema and her book.

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