Alvien squad

Chain Spak liked to sing "Little Green Bag" in his head during moments like these...

Alvien was a squad of Sandtroopers sent to Tatooine to recover the Death Star plans Leia Organa had taken. Captain Chain Spak led this squad in conjunction with Zeta and Drax squads, along with a Dewback Patrol. Once it was discovered that the plans hadn't simply been hidden in the ship, and it was actually Droids carrying them, the squads split up. Alvien went directly to Mos Eisley, the largest spaceport in the vicinity, in an Imperial Troop Transport and set up roadblocks.

After questioning everyone entering the city, Spak and his squad were fooled into letting Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO and R2-D2 pass through via the Jedi Mind Trick. Even the Imperial Sentry Droid didn't help. Later though, they were tipped off by local snitch Garindan that the Droids they were looking for were at Docking Bay 94. Alvien squad armed up and exchanged fire with Han Solo before he was able to escape with the Droids, the plans, an old man, a big hairy dude, and a whelp.

Alvien was easily the laziest squad on Tatooine, but Chain and his men weren't afraid to step up when it called for action. This was especialy true if they could show up Zeta Squad and Ivor Lonius. Otherwise, Chain's motto was "why do now what can wait for tomorrow." He also never hesitated to call in an Imperial Landing Craft for a quick trip rather than walk a few miles.

Despite entering a firefight with a main character of the movies, Alvien Squad suffered no casualties during their mission in Mos Eisley.

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