Alderaan. Less crowded than Coruscant, and less racist than Chandrila.

A planet in the Core Worlds, Alderaan was beautiful, wealthy and most tranquil. Then it wasn't.


Alderaan was one of the Core Founders of the Republic. They took this role very seriously, and remained one of the most powerful voices in the Senate through its entire history. The people of Alderaan generally preferred peace, but were not afraid to use force when necessary. Alderaan had a rich cultural history, and produced many great artists, and poets. The University of Alderaan was known for its arts and environmental science programs. Alderaan had one of the longest continuing monarchies in the Galaxy. This monarchy was threatened when most of the royl family was killed in a freak photography mishap. Jedi Jorus C'Baoth resolved the conflict that eventually led to the coronation of King Ralph, who was praised by hippies for outlawing all weapons on the planet. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, Grand Moff Tarkin showed up in his shiny new Death Star. It turned out that Princess Leia was being a colossal pain in the ass. Rather than striking a woman, which he saw as distasteful, he threatened to blow up her home planet to teach her a lesson. When she still didn't cooperate, he went ahead and did it. While Tarkin takes the blame for this incident of mass destruction, he contended that he did not want to do it, but Leia had left her no choice, so it was really her fault. The destruction came at a particularly bad time for the Alderaan Unarmed Bandits who were in the middle of an important game against the Despayre Slaveworkers- a team that may or may not have pissed off Tarkin at some point.

The Alderaan Gazette was published on Alderaan.

Notable Residents

Many important people were either born on or lived on Alderaan. Before it got blowed up.

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