Ahesh was a Gran from Malastare, stuck on Ryloth a few years after the Clone Wars. He was a bookkeeper, running bets in one of the cities where the lightside of the planet meets the dark side. He also of course worked as a loan shark.

He had several unpaid loans from a Defel named Dranoal, and was finally able to find him walking the street one day. Ahesh demanded he be paid at least half of the amount, or else he would kill Dranoal then and there. He pulled his blaster from its holster, and suddenly he was shot in the chest by Boba Fett. He would never understand what had happened, but Dranoal and his partner Hagro were attempting to capture the young Fett and use him to get some money. Fett of course realized he was being followed by Hagro, and mistook the armed Gran for his partner.

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