"Look at you, you big furry jerk! You smell like semi-digested Banthaballs! You call this a haircut?!"
-Sal Felatio's last words, spoken to Attichitcuk.

Sal served in the Clone Wars, leading the Battle Of Kashyyyk from his Star Destroyer in orbit. Later, he saw to the enslaving of the Wookies. He took special note of Attichitcuk and Chewbacca, two Wookies with barber experience. He assigned both Wookies to the Imperial Hair Salon aboard his new Imperial Class Star Destroyer, Pedanticator. This would prove his end though, as he berated Attichitcuk and shot the elder Wookie in the leg. Attichitcuk's son, Chewbacca, beat Felatio into an unrecognizable pulp before the officer could even blink.

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