Ackmena was the bartender for the nightshift at the Cantina in Mos Eisley. She often burst into song, which seemed popular as many of the patrons would join in. As they sobered though, they realized how lame the singing was. When they wanted to just go somewhere and drink, most customers ended up going to the less trendy but way cooler Star Wars Bar, run by Richard Pryor.

Ackmena had to turn the back office into a brothel. She couldn't let Chalmun, the Wookie owner, find out about this. But it was the only way she could think to continue making profits AND sing.

She was assisted on the nightshift by Limba Minakins, and usually by the bouncer Tork. Unfortunately, Chalmun caught wind of what was happening in his establishment at night, and told Ackmena it was her last night at the bar. In her depression, Ackmena finally gave in to Tork's advances and participated in a threeway with him and Limba. Then she threw up.


After losing her job, she moved in with her mother and two other old ladies.

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