ASharad Saleucami
A'Sharad was the son of famed Jedi Knight Sharad Hett, who left the Jedi Order to live with the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine. A'Sharad was raised as his father's Padawan, but also in the ways of the Tuskens. No wonder he was so messed up.

When his father was killed by Aurra Sing, Hett was taken offworld by Ki Adi Mundi to continue his training. His brushes with the Dark Side inspired An'ya Kuro to take over his training. Hett went on to fight in the Clone Wars, serving in the Battle Of Geonosis and the Battle Of Boz Pity among others. His final battle in the Clone Wars was the Siege Of Saleucami, where his clones turned on him during Order 66. He was able to defeat them, and escape into hiding by rejoining his Tusken clan on Tatooine. There he went kinda nuts and rampaged until coming upon a moisture farm that was protected by Obi-Wan Kenobi, a face Hett hadn't seen since the Clone Wars. Kenobi and Hett dueled, but Hett lost not only the fight but also an arm. He was left for dead by the Tuskens, and went into seclusion.

Over a century later, Hett would return with an entire army of Sith who helped him to win the "Biggest Asshole In The Galaxy" award.

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